Five Important Factors – Managed Network Services

In today’s business environment, the IT department has achieved a high level importance, allowing many businesses to maintain their internal as well as external complex networks efficiently and provide extra value. It is tough to maintain an enterprise network and keep it up-to-date without having a large team of professionals – and even then, it’s a time consuming task.

Nowadays, many companies in Indonesia are looking to outsource management of network services via managed service providers instead of hiring huge teams to handle their own servers, computing and upgrading or downgrading of hardware infrastructure. There are many forces, internal and external to a single company, at work creating this situation.

managed network services

Before a company looks at , it is essential to consider some of these important factors, which can help in selecting the right service provider.

  1. Service Cost: There may be a number of service providers claiming to offer managed network services but real providers offer an SLA (Service Level Agreement) that is customized for your business and should save money over the long term by trading OPEX for CAPEX. Usually, vendors will run a baseline assessment of your business to understand it fully then customize the SLA as per your expected services and requirements. The high level picture should save the business money because the total cost of ownership is lower than traditional, “in house” IT networks.
  1. Service Quality: One of the most important things to consider in the SLA is the standard of network security, reliability and availability.All the specifications mentioned in your agreement would be based on historical, current and future projections of required capacity. Before signing the contract the IT team needs to carefully confer with their executive team about the projections for the mid-to-long term business growth and any new requirements that may be placed on the network down the road.
  1. Service Issues: Whenever a company is selecting a service provider, especially a turnkey managed solutions provider, it is critical that there are clear resolution options for the inevitable service issues. Having a single point of contact that is always available is one of the key differentiation here – makes sure your provider is going to only be a single phone call or message away.
  1. Flexibility:Most market opportunities are fleeting – they don’t last forever. If an IT team is off debating the infrastructure changes that need to be installed to exploit a market opportunity, the opportunity is being lost. A managed network service provider should be able to quickly adjust the amount of network capacity increasing the agility of a company so it can capitalize on more opportunities.
  1. Monitoring & Management: When a CIO or IT leader needs to see what is going on with their network and decide if they need to make changes – that’s when a solid monitoring and management plan comes in handy. Web portals, applications and / or a dedicated account manager that is standing by allow the company to address issues, increase or decrease capacity – as needed – in almost real time.

How a Cloud Service Provider Helps You Improve Your Business?

Any business whether a start-up or an established one ensures that no stone is left un-turned when it comes to conquering the business world. The growth of the company is a topmost priority and businesses or individuals adopt certain methods of course with the implementation of up-to-the-minute techniques to make it to the top.

Of all the services available, cloud computing has steadily been gaining an immense popularity among business owners. If truth be told, many companies are relying upon cloud computing, or on-demand computing, as it’s also known. There was a time when companies would run programs or applications from software downloaded either on a physical computer or the main server. Now they have been making an extensive use of this excellent service allowing almost every business improve its growth.

Not few but reasons aplenty make for the fact why cloud computing has become one of the most sought after Internet-based computing service. The term “cloud computing” has broadly been comprehended by individuals that are looking forward to accelerate the growth of the company.

managed cloud services

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is now more than just another buzzword among many businesses looking to one-up the competition. Using a mix of onsite and global data centers, cloud computing provides shared processing resources and data to computers and other devices.

The fact cannot be held for denial that companies using “cloud computing” services grow 19.3% faster than their business rivals. Any business that’s brought this service into action would not differ that the “Cloud” is having a significant impact on business.

Do you require a cloud service provider?

 Many businesses that upgraded to to cloud computing witnessed a tremendous growth and this was possible due to the effective use of Internet-based cloud computing services. A cloud service provider is an organization that offers services to the customers from a remote facility via the Internet and in some cases manages onsite data centers on behalf of customers.

A cloud service provider should be able to manage data centers in the best interest of their customers. It should emphasize on delivering an uninterrupted service that can grow with customers as time passes by. It should provide 24/7 support and monitoring.

The “benefits” provided by cloud are simply incomparable in every sense of the word. Reduced costs, flexibility and scalability are the benefits provided to a company after a switch to cloud computing. But that’s not all! While SMEs (Small and Medium Scale Enterprises) have greatly felt the need to embrace cloud, large companies are somehow unwilling to invest in this technology.

Associated with a huge company? It’s time you switch to cloud computing. A cloud service provider will be beneficial for the company in every way possible. With its services, you can benefit in the following way:

  1. Do more with less
  2. Improved mobility
  3. Improved collaboration
  4. A cost-effective technique
  5. Less environmental impact
  6. Flexible capacity

With cloud computing, you can run your business without having to worry about IT. Moreover, these services provided by a cloud service provider seem to be a greener choice widely preferred by many companies. This is because that they need less in-office IT equipment.